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Our Philosophy

The office market has shifted and as office space leaders, so have we. We are reimagining the workplace: from spaces that prioritize health and safety, to agreements with unmatched flexibility. 

For many, the classic office model of 9 to 5 is over, especially as employees and executives have proven that working remotely can be efficient and productive. However, it’s been widely acknowledged that there are things that can only be achieved when people get in a room together to innovate. With that in mind, businesses are turning to hybrid work solutions and at 417 Fifth Avenue, we are adapting our spaces and offerings to match the needs of our tenants and members this 2023. 

Opportunity to resize your footprint creatively: We are aware that to maintain productivity, collaboration, and learning, the boundaries between being physically in the office and out of the office, must collapse. From flexible commitments to spaces that can scale on demand, we give you the opportunity to quickly evolve within our portfolio of spaces. As more teams begin to work remotely, making the most of your in-person time together is crucial. Instead of downsizing, large corporations are transforming their current footprints into workspaces designed for collaboration—ideal for meetings, brainstorms, and presentations.

A suburban merge: Where should offices be located? Some companies will continue to be in big cities, which is essential to attract young talent and create a sense of connection and energy. Others may abandon big-city headquarters for suburban campuses. At 417 Fifth Avenue, we've partnered with The Urban Campus in Westchester to offer alternatives in both worlds. Our tenants at 417 can establish their headquarters at The Urban Campus while still maintaining smart offices at 417 Fifth Avenue to meet with clients, host regular meetings, and vice-versa!

Amenities: We've made available to all our tenants new amenities, including shared conference rooms, event spaces, a snack bar, lounge areas, and open desks to work from on the 8th floor of the building. We now offer flexible terms no matter the size of your space.

As we all navigate this new office era, you can be sure that our team will constantly be working towards adapting our services and spaces to help our community in any way we can. Our philosophy: if you grow, we grow. 

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